More about us


We stand for the optimism and possibilities of sustainably created diamonds and their guilt free enjoyment.

Our diamonds are crafted from greenhouse gas crystallized in our foundry in New York. Once crystallized, the greenhouse gas can no longer go make the atmosphere reflect heat and warm the planet. Each carat helps save the climate.

Our Manifesto

We believe that the future is our most precious luxury.

We believe in preserving nature.

We believe that human wisdom creates beautiful innovations.

We believe in partnering and ecosystems.

We believe in daring to leap into an audacious future.

Behind the Scenes

Designed in New York City and handcrafted with care, our fine jewelry is produced at the same places as the traditional Fifth Avenue brands. But because crazy mark-ups aren't really our thing, you can always expect the most on-point, quality pieces at prices you can actually justify. Talk about a win-win.

Our Values

We create ethically sourced, conflict-free, quality jewelry — without the mark-up. Our dainty little things are always made in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. Whether it's via recyclable packaging, carbon offsetting, or using recycled gold and diamonds, we're putting our best foot forward to help our planet while providing you with jewelry that will truly last.


Real Gold

Because we believe in investing in jewelry that will last, we prioritize our real gold designs. We source the best quality at competitive prices so that you can invest in pieces to treasure for the long haul.


Ethical Sourcing

Our diamonds and gemstones are 100% natural, conflict-free, and ethically sourced. We travel around the world to find you the best of the best, and always do our research to ensure our materials adhere to the highest standards.


Fairly Priced

We know you have expensive taste, but we cater to your love of all things fancy without prices that'll make your head spin. Why pay more than you have to? It's just not really our thing.


For Women by Women

As a women-led business, we find power in femininity. We seek to promote female-focused causes though our Good Girl Mission where we partner with female artists and non-profits who share our values.


Designed in NYC

Born or adopted, we are all New Yorkers and call this great city home. It's our constant inspiration and explains our appreciation for both luxury and grit working together. Over 70% of our pieces are made here in NYC, and we hope to grow that even more!


Sustainably Run

We buy carbon credits to ensure all of our shipments are carbon neutral. We also use recycled gold as much as possible, and any scrap metal from product development is fully recycled.